Outlook 2013 address book something went wrong


    Outlook and later versions do not support downloading the Offline Address reported error (0x): 'Sorry, something went wrong. You can also run Outlook in non cached. I have no idea why forcing Outlook to re-download the address book does work Sorry, something went wrong. That mailbox database was pointing to an Offline Address Book that was not serving the OAB over HTTPS, it was Public Folder only.

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    Outlook 2013 Address Book Something Went Wrong

    What to do if something went wrong in Outlook Fix - Sorry, for them is to delete those addresses from the list of remembered addresses. Outlook Error 0x is an exclusive error in Microsoft Outlook, which can Task [email protected] reported error (0x): 'Sorry, something went wrong. does not have any authority to myolicotiball.ga (Offline Address Book). Exchange' reported error (0x): 'Sorry, something went wrong. Other Outlook users do not have issues downloading the address book.

    While most of the changes are advantageous, I ran into a chink in the armor while working with a customer who was having an issue with Exchange DAG replication. We were having issues with their Exchange servers and one node would crash or lose connection and break the DAG replication. What ended up happening is about a day later if a user tried to manually download the address book, they would not be able to and would get a 0x error: Troublshooting So what is this? Open up the latest log file in the directory and see what errors are being reported by the client. The file location is correct and shows where the current OAB files are. I verified the file location manually but also noticed the date discrepancy the blue rectangles in the above image which shows the date the attempted download was made upper left and the date of the files lower right. Because the files were not changed recently the error message was downloaded and the client could not download the files. To summarize — we have an OAB that is not updating and clients that cannot update their local copies because the copies are too old. Now the problem is becoming visible to all users and will eventually become a support issue for the client. Check the OAB file location to confirm the dates on the files: The we can run this command assuming you have one OAB : get-offlineaddressbook update-offlineaddressbook In the case of my client, the files never changed. Even tried restarting the Exchange Mailbox Assistant service without any luck. Once renamed, we tried to update the address book and restart the Mailbox Assistant service.

    Move method to delete or move an email message that was created from server-side search result emails in Outlook When you try to forward an instance of a recurring meeting that has an attachment, you receive an error message: Cannot send this item. The operation failed.

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    Corruption errors of offline Outlook data files. After you create a profile, the Safe Lists Only setting in Junk E-mail options is reset for all profiles for the same mailbox. When you try to send an email message as another user, you receive a non-delivery report NDR that contains the following nondescript error message if you don't have the Send As permission: This message could not be sent.

    Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator. Error is [0x]. You should receive an error message that tells you that you can't send a message on behalf of this user unless you have permission to do so. If the problem continues, try to open Outlook in Safe Mode or disable the add-ins. Choose Outlook from that window and click on OK. If prompted, enter password and click Accept. How to Disable Add-ins 1. Click OK.

    Again go to File and then click Exit. At this stage, you have to restart your system. Then uncheck all your preferred boxes and click Remove. Finally, click on OK to complete disabling add-ins in your Outlook account.

    How to Fix Local (GAL) Global Address List Not Updating in Outlook Error 0x80200049

    A list of found duplicate contacts is displayed and you can click the expand link to review and verify the contacts to be merged. If everything is Okay, click Merge. A word of caution: Regrettably, Gmail is not as smart as Outlook or maybe just overcautious to detect duplicate contacts with slight differences in a contact's names.

    For example, it failed to identify our fake contact Elina Anderson and Elina K. Anderson and one and the same person. That is why, don't be disappointed if you spot a couple of duplicates after importing the merged contacts back to Outlook.

    It's not your fault, you did everything right! In the Export contacts dialog window, specify 2 things: Under "Which contacts do you want to export", choose whether to export all the contacts or a particular group only.

    If you want to export only those contacts that you imported from Outlook, it stands to reason to select the corresponding Imported group. Then click the Export button to finish the export process. Finally, import the merged contacts back into Outlook, as described in step 4 of the previous method.

    Outlook Updates: September 8

    Remember to select "Do not import duplicate items"! Tip: Before importing the merge contacts from Gmail, you can move all contacts from your main Outlook folder to a backup folder to avoid creating more duplicates.

    Link duplicate contacts in Outlook and If you are using Outlook or Outlook , you can quickly combine several contacts related to the same person using the Link Contacts option.

    Open your contacts list by clicking People at the bottom of the Navigation pane. Click on the contact you want to merge to select it. Then click the small dots button next to Edit to open the drop-down menu, and choose Link Contacts from the list.

    Under the Link Another Contacts section, start typing a name of the person you want to link in the search field, and as you type Outlook will display all contacts that match your search.

    Error 0x80070057 and no Offline Address Book download in Outlook 2013 or later versions

    Choose the needed contact s from the result list and click on it. The selected contacts will be merged straight away and you will see their names under the Linked Contacts heading. All you need to do is click OK to save the changes. Of course, the Link Contacts feature is not the best choice to clean up a large contacts list cluttered with duplicates, but it will definitely help you quickly merge a few identical contacts into a single one.

    How to prevent duplicate contacts in your Outlook Now that you've cleaned up the mess in Outlook contacts, it makes sense to invest a few more minutes and lean how to keep your contact list clean in the future.

    This can be easily achieved by enabling the automatic Outlook duplicate contact detector. Yep, it's as easy as that! From now on, Outlook will suggest merging a new contact you're adding with the existing one, if they both have a similar name or identical email address. Hopefully, now you have a clean and neat contacts list in your Outlook and know how to maintain the order.

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