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Manache Shlok teaches your mind to change yourself gradually. The great saint "Shri Manache Shlok" written by Samarth Ramdas Swami. Publication: Shri Sarvottam This SHRI MANACHE SHLOK is not a book this is a holy book and this book is not for any person this is only for sadguru das who. Shree Manache Shlok dehe tyaagitaa kirti maage uravi mana sajjana hechi kriya dharavi mana chandanache pari twa jhijaave pari antari sajjana niivavaave - 8.

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Shree Manache Shlok Pdf

He wrote volumes of literature in verse form in Marathi such as Shri Manāche Shlok 2. Shrimat Dasbodh, 3. Shri Māruti Stotra, 4. Karunashtake,5. AatmaaRaam. provides services of Sart Manache Shlok in Marathi in pdf, Read Sart Manache Shlok in Marathi, Free Downlaod Sart Manache Shlok. "Shri Manache Shlok" written by Samarth Ramdas Swami. The great saint Samartha Ramdas teaches us to have dialogue with our own mind. Your own mind is.

Here we present the english translation. God Ganesh, the god of all virtues and to whom the spirit owes its origin; Goddess Sharda, the goddess of speech; we bow to them. Now we will explore the way to reach Lord Rama which is considered as infinite. Shloka 1 Let us follow the path of honesty and devotion. This path will lead us to Shri Hari. Let us shun everything that is condemned and do everything that is commendable with the full devotion of mind. Shloka 2 Let us remember Lord Rama every morning. Let us start all our work by chanting Shri Ram. Let us always stick to the good behaviour. Only the person of good action is held in esteem in this world.

The one who is always after sensual pleasures is useless. Next Shree Manache Shlok Let us not get involved and be happy. Let the determination of our mind be strong. Let us not be lazy. If our mind is not dwelling on Lord Meanibg, how can we have love and respect for him? Let us put every moment of our life to good use. Let all darkness be dispelled.

Good association will keep us on the right track. We can follow the noble path if we remember Lord Rama. He should be kind hearted, forgiving and he should control his mind. We cannot see unless an enlightened person guides us. They are of no use.

If we talk with him then our confusion ends. Let our behaviour be such that we are liked by all. Let our mind be full of love. Then what remains is the bliss. Let us always abide by the good qualities and let us not be confused. It is easy and free.

We should always have ethics. We should always know the real truth in our mind. Shloka 4 Let us shun all sinful plans. Let us work on the plan that will lead us to the truth. Let us not always think about sensual pleasures. If our mind gets corrupted then we lose our reputation amidst people. Shloka 5 Let us say no to anger which makes us feel sorry. Let us not corrupt our mind with all sorts of desires.

Let us shun the doership of actions. Let us not praise ourselves due to the jealousy for others. Shloka 6 Let us have great patience. Let us bear the evil words spoken to us.

Let us always speak politely. Let us always understand others. Shloka 7 Let us do something so that our good name remains even after perishing of our body. Let us do all good actions honestly. Let us wear out like sandalwood. Let others receive benefit out of our sufferings. Shloka 8 Let us not keep an eye on others money.

Selfishness adds to our sins. Let us avoid actions that will lead to incurring sin. We will always feel sad if we have lot of expectations. Shloka 9 Let us always have love for Rama. Let us remove sadness from mind. We should learn to consider the sufferings that our body undergoes for good cause as happiness.

We should always have knowledge of our true self in our mind. Shloka 10 Who in this world is happy in all respects. Let us think over it. Whatever we have accumulated through our past actions, we have to suffer on that account. Shloka 11 We should not bleed our mind with sorrow. We should not be engrossed with sadness and worries. We should discover our true self and should understand that our existence is not restricted to our body alone.

Our existence is beyond our body and free from all shackles. Shloka 12 See what happened to Ravana. He lost the whole kingdom all of a sudden. Therefore let us shun evil desires. Let us know that the death will consume us in the course of time. Shloka 13 All beings of this world take birth and lose life.

Even the greatest ones cannot escape from death. Many have born and died. Shloka 14 If seen properly we can see that everyone on this earth has to die. But still people magnify their ego. People think that they wont die and they will live forever. But all of a sudden everything is gone.

Shloka 15 People feel sad about death of their dear ones. They are themselves heading to death. Greed makes one angry. Greed also pushes one into the cycle of death and rebirth. Shloka 16 People keep their minds full of sorrows and worries.

But the thing, that has to happen, happens suddenly. We should renounce the doership in everything that happens. A person who can not understand feels sad about the happenings. Shloka 17 We should always long for Lord Rama. We should not magnify our ego. Lord Rama is described by the Vedas and the Puranas. After describing Lord Rama nothing more needs to be described. Shloka 18 We should never be away from the truth. We should not concieve anything without base.

Full Shri Manache Shlok With Lyrics || Shlok 1 - || Samarth Ramdas - video dailymotion

We should speak the truth and shun the baseless. Shloka 19 If we are trapped in the cycle of death and rebirth then we have to undergo great hardships. Shloka 20 Let us keep the desires at a distance. Let us not disturb the tranquility of mind. Let us renounce the cravings for wealth and wife. Constantly changing the state of mind results in agony. Let us reach out to Lord Rama by adhering to the path he has shown. Let us install firmly personality of Lord Rama in the mind.

Lord Rama is the master of Hanuman, the son of the Wind God. He can grant salvation to all the three worlds. Speaking other than truth will not lead to happiness. The life is ending continuously by the passing of time. What can we do once the life is over? Let us not speak rubbish. Let us speak the truth. Let the sin in the form of ego be kept away from our mind.

Otherwise how You can unite with Lord Rama? You want to enjoy the present moment.

Think what remains thereafter. You want to give rest to your body. Ultimately the body will come to an end by the passing of time. Show the courage to stick to the qualities on the basis of which Lord Rama lived his life.

Dont burn your heart for the wordly worries. Show courage. Give up the mental stress. Lord Rama is the protector. He wont forget you even if the whole world goes adverse to you. Even the death shivers at the sight of Lord Rama. Let us understand the truth. Lord Rama released Gods from the prison of Ravana. Lord Rama is fondly remembered by Shiv and Parvati. Even the Vedas are not able to comprehend him. He granted boon of immortality to Hanuman and Bhibhishana. It is very difficult for human-beings to abide by his qualities.

Wonderful are the results for those who abide by his qualities. The Puranas stand testimony to this fact. Those who are fully devoted to Lord Rama are protected by him. Have the courage and see him. He will give you happiness and salvation. Similarly wordly troubles disappear after seeing Lord Rama. He is the objective of the penance of Yogis. Give to Him all uneasiness of your mind. Let your mind always dwell on Lord Rama.

Cause a change in the state of your mind through the power of discrimination.

Shree Manache Shlok_eng

There wont be any happiness after that. The mind will get tired. Let us understand at the level of our conscious that our mind should rest at the feet of Lord Rama. Let us do good to us. While speaking let our mind dwell on the truth. Let our mind always dwell on Lord Rama. We should always tell stories glorifying Lord Rama. If at any place people are not taking interest in Lord Rama then we should leave that place.

The moment that is gone without Lord Rama is a loss. Such moments devoid of Lord Rama make us feel tired. Let us always be focused and alert.

Let us be alert and devoted while working with the people.

ramdas swami shlok pdf

We should build the resource base for doing work of public good. We should do our work systematically and sequentially. He who works like this is worth for living. We should speak the truth. In whatever situation we are in, we should deal in the best interest of everyone concerned. Let us understand the real truth out of its different shades. Let us always abide by the good qualities and let us not be confused. Let our mind undertake the penance. Let us be aloof from whatever conditions arise. Let us understand the all-pervading Brahma present everywhere.

Let us purify our mind. Let all darkness be dispelled. Therefore let us show the exit route to intoxication, jealousy and selfishness. Let us speak politely. Let us not indulge in discussions and debates to prove our intelligence. Let us make others happy and try to realise the all-pervading Brahma. Let our behaviour be such that we are liked by all. Let us speak the truth and let us have a sound power of discrimination. Let us not be carried away with the wild imaginations.

Let the determination of our mind be strong. Let our mind be full of love. God is kind to become indebted to his devotees for their devotion to him. Let our mind have love and care for others. Let our mind be free from anger and irritation. Let us always be devoted to the good work. Let us treat others at par with us i. Let us keep our mind free from impurities. Let us understand that craving for sensual pleasures is due to the sins commited in the past.

(manache Shlok) मनाचे श्लोक जय रघुवीर समर्थ

Let us not indulge in futile imaginations even for a while. But our imaginations will not lead us to the truth. If our mind is not dwelling on Lord Rama, how can we have love and respect for him?

He is the wish-yielding cow. He can relieve us of all our sorrows. He symbolises the truth. Let us understand that the world rests on him. None is comparable to Lord Rama. Let us realise Lord Rama who is residing within us. Let us spread this theory of 'Ram is everywhere' amidst people.

If we dont do this then we will feel sad in the future. We are intoxicated and therefore we feel sad. We are confused between happiness and sensual pleasures. We are so sad that we are losing determination of our mind. Our mind is not dwelling on Lord Rama.

Our mind is busy in raking up debates. Let us not break a ' sorrow removing gem ' for the sake of many pieces of glass. He who is always after sensual pleasures cannot hold Lord Rama in his heart. He who is greedy is bound to become sad. The one who is always after sensual pleasures is useless. He who is a fool is always two times sad. Let our mind have love and respect at the feet of Lord Rama. Let us not long for money always.

Let us try to find out the substance of such happenings. If our mind is made impure then we will not become peaceful and happy. Let us meditate on Lord Rama. He has a great courage. He is serious in his work. His performance is great. He protects his devotees in their distress. Let us remember Lord Rama every morning. Even the terrible death shivers at his sight. Let us always speak politely. Let Lo;s loZnk uez okps onkos A us always understand others.

Rational thinking employs logical, objective, and systematic methods in reaching a conclusion or solving a problem. It refers to providing reasons or rational behind thoughts or ideas. Rational thinking is a systematic process of thinking where we can avoid our prejudice and emotions. To do this REBT promotes rational belief system and constructive life philosophy about adversities and human desires and preferences.

We should not bleed our mind with sorrow. Our evil desires are of no use. We should always have ethics. If our mind gets corrupted then we fodkjs? He has narrated all the human virtues and traits in very simplified manner. Excessive indulgence in worldly possessions, negative emotions and infinite desires is a source of all the psychological problems, directly or indirectly.

Research done with respect to this excavation for psychological aspects and concepts in this sacred text showed a great hope and scope for further analysis. Manobodh Vivran 8th ed. Pune, Maharashtra: Shree Radhadamodar Pratisthan. Bhawuk, D. New York: Springer. Dekhne, R. Manache Shlok-Jeewanbodh.

Raghuweer Samarth , 5 7. Gayathri, N. International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology , 1 2. Girishwar Misra, G. Pearson Education India. Kalmalkar, J. Sant Ramdas Ani Sant Tukaram.

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